Prof. Marius-F. Danca


Romanian Institute of Science and Technology
Str. Ciresilor nr. 29, 400487 Cluj-Napoca, Romania,
Tel. 40-364-800171, Fax 40-364-800172.

nonlinear science:
continuous/non-smooth chaotic dynamical systems of integer/fractional order, fractals.

Web of Science ResearcherID P-6018-2019

UEF-ID Brainmap: U-1700-027F-7710

Erdos number 3

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"The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold"

"I can't understand why people are
frightened of new ideas. I'm
frightened of the old ones
John Cage


Mandelbrot set, the set of disconnected alternated Julia sets